Safe Harbor Audiobook

Early Release Copy of Safe Harbor

Radclyffe’s classic love story, and the first in the Provincetown Tales series, is now transformed into an amazing listening experience by the acclaimed actress Diane Gaidry. Known to thousands for the work she has done in The Dogwalker and Loving Annabelle, Diane now brings her skills to the art of narration.

Reese, Tory, Bri, and all the other beloved characters from this tale of three women who struggle to live and love in freedom are given voice in this collectors’ edition of Safe Harbor.

Lt. Col. Reese Conlon is the new sheriff in this town on the edge of the ocean.
Doctor Victoria King has been betrayed by love once and refuses to risk her heart again.
Brianna Parker, the teenaged daughter of Reese’s chief, fears her father’s wrath when he learns that she loves another girl.

Diane brings to life their struggle to find Safe Harbor among the dunes and streets of P-town.

This item will be shipped with the first round of audiobooks that head out to P-town. The winner of this auction will have a copy in hand before it even hits the shelves. Or if you’d rather, we could have Diane and Radclyffe personalize an autographed copy for you at Women’s Week, then mail it directly to you.

Please bid for this item in the comments section of this page. This auction will close at 11:59(EST) on September 16th.

Minimum Bid $30


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