Starting From Scratch Audio Book

Lambda and Golden Crown Literary Winner Georgia Beers now adds a new title to her impressive resume—audio book narrator.  

Starting from Scratch is Ms. Beers seventh novel, and in it we meet 34-year-old, single lesbian Avery King and her adopted mutt, Steve.  As a woman living a comfortable life with a regular routine Avery is about to discover that life can take unexpected turns.  Baking loads of goodies for friends, spending time with Grandma King, and exploring Nature with Steve are about to undergo a radical change. 
Things you had hoped to avoid at all cost suddenly become the most important things in your life, and even perceptions of yourself can change in the process. 
This audio book version of the winner of the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award and a Lambda Literary 
Finalist is lovingly and entertainingly narrated by Georgia Beers.  With her college background in broadcasting and theater, Georgia’s visit to the recording booth brings the funny and charming characters in Starting From Scratch to life in only the way an author can.
Starting From Scratch….where life is what you make it.
This item will be shipped with the first round of audiobooks that head out to Ptown.  The winner of this auction will have a copy in  hand before it even hits the shelves. Or if you wish, Georgia could autograph a copy for you at Women’s Week, then mail it to you.

Please bid for this item in the comments section of this page. This auction will close at 11:59(EST) on September 16th.

Minimum Bid $30


9 Responses to Starting From Scratch Audio Book

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  2. Tammy Abraham says:

    I bid $35. One question, in case i missed it, but when does the auction end?

  3. Mary says:

    Bid: $50.00

  4. Mary says:

    Bid: $70.00

  5. danielle says:

    ill have to bid for this $80

  6. Mary says:

    Bid: $90.00

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