Character Name

Character Auction – Rachel Spangler

Golden Crown Literary Award winning author of LoveLife and The Long Way Home, Rachel Spangler is offering up the right to name a minor character in her upcoming release, Does She Love You.

The character up for grabs becomes a friend and colleague of the main character in the latter part of the book.  While playing a minor role in the plot, she appears in at least two different scenes and is a relatable role model. The winning bidder will get to decide the first and last name of the character, within reason (Please don’t name her Poopiehead).

This auction offers a fun way to put yourself right into the world of lesbian fiction, or it could be used as a unique and creative gift to honor a friend or a loved one.

Please bid for this item in the comments section of this page. This auction will close at 11:59(EST) on September 16th.

Minimum Bid $30


9 Responses to Character Name

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  2. J. Crowley says:


  3. Mary says:

    Bid: $80.00

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  5. Rosa Moran says:


  6. K. Bendix says:


  7. Mary says:

    Bid: $115.00

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