Thank You to all auction bidders!

Thank You to all auction bidders!

Diane and Georgia will now be going to P-Town!

I’ll be contacting the winners today. Due to the enthusiastic interest in these books and the DVD, I will be offering a copy of each to the second place bidders as well.  All monies collected will be going directly to the care and feeding of Diane and Georgia while they are in P-Town for Women’s Week.  No monies will be kept here at Dog Ear Audio.

Thanks to all who participated!  Stay tuned for news about their adventures in that town by the ocean, both here and at the Dog Ear Audio site.



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“Safe Harbor” Project #2

Dear Friends.

I’m writing first of all to let you know the editing process continues on Safe Harbor. We’re working hard because we know you’re all eager to hear the finished product. We continue to be impressed with the amount of enthusiasm and support you’ve shown through this entire project and we’d like to reward that by giving you not one but two amazing audiobooks this fall!  We had Georgia Beers record her award-winning novel Starting from Scratch a while ago, and it’s almost ready to release, so we’d like to make both it and Safe Harbor available starting at Women’s Week in Provincetown this fall.  The only problem is that if we’re going to do a big release, we want to do it right.

 Here at Dog Ear Audio, we don’t cut corners, not in the books we select, in the recording process, or with our editing techniques, and when we release a book we want to promote it in a way that gets word out to as many people as possible. With a Women’s Week release, we have a chance to connect with our dedicated audience as well as reaching people who have never read a lesbian book, much less heard one read aloud. We also have the opportunity to get audiences direct access to our authors and narrators. We’ll hold meet-and-greets, signings, and chat sessions with Georgia Beers, Diane Gaidry, and Radclyffe, giving those in attendance a chance to interact with them.  But those of you who can’t make it to Ptown shouldn’t feel left out, because as supporters of the project you’ll get exclusive behind-the-scenes updates and photos of the events. Plus everyone will have the opportunity to get these amazing audiobooks ahead of the schedule. Everyone wins.

 The only problem is that getting people and books to Ptown isn’t cheap, and promoting those people and books isn’t free.  In order to give the artists and their work the promotion they deserve, we’ll need to raise a little bit more money than we included in our original estimates. Thankfully, we’re not doing it alone. Some friends have offered to help us out by donating a few items to be auctioned off for the cause.

 Diane Gaidry has got an autographed copy of her film The Dog Walker to give away.  Rachel Spangler is offering up the naming rights to a minor character in her upcoming novel, and Dog Ear Audio,will throw in a pre-release copy of Starting From Scratch, as well as one of Safe Harbor to the highest bidder. Of course, if you don’t want to bid or the bidding gets too rich for your blood but you still want to see the audiobooks released in October, you can contact us about making a donation.

There are four auction pages on this website.  Each one will contains the description of an item up for auction.  Bidding is simple: All you  do is go to the bottom on the page and enter your bid in the “leave comment” box.  You’ll be able to track all the bids that come after yours by returning to that page, and if you want to bid again, simply enter another one.  You can also share the item information with your Facebook friends by clicking “like” at the top of the page.

 Again, thank you so much for all your support.  This whole experience has been a wonderful one, and we have the utmost faith that you’ll help us make sure we finish this adventure as strongly as we started.


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